Best Formula Milk for Babies | All About Formula Milk

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What is Formula Milk

Best Formula Milk for Babies | All About Formula Milk

Formula milk is additionally known as Infant formula milk and Baby formula milk also. It is generally used as a substitute for mother’s breast milk to feed babies under the age of 12 months. Although mother’s milk is considered to be the best diet for babies but , when the mother is unable to feed her baby because of any circumstances or any reason then baby Formula Milk can be used as the superb alternative for mother’s breast milk.

Well, formula milk can not match the mother’s milk perfectly but it provides sufficient amounts of nutrients to the baby’s body which is necessary for their growth and development. It generally comes in powder, liquid and ready-to-feed form and is easy to serve infants. Baby Formula milk is prepared with the idea that infants get all the nutrients that they get from mother’s milk.

Types of Formula Milk

Many formula milks of different brands are available in the market having different ingredients.Usually, there are three types of Baby formula milk are available-

1) Cow milk protein based formula

Most of the Infant formula is prepared by using cow milk . Now, the question will arise in your mind: why can’t we consume cow milk instead of formula milk which is also made by cow milk?

The answer is: Cow milk carries a high amount of proteins and minerals that is quite tough to digest for babies. It can harm the baby’s kidney and cause serious diseases.

Therefore, Cow milk protein based formula is better than cow milk because it is made by altering the proteins(whey and casein) which is found in cow milk , to make it digestible for babies. You should not feed cow milk to your baby till the age of one year.

2) Soya milk based formula-

Soya Milk Based Formula is designed with the combination of Soya milk protein and other components. It is used when an infant is allergic to cow milk or didn’t have the availability of mother’s milk . Many babies have a serious allergy to cow’s milk formula but not to all. So, parents sometimes feed soya based formula in place of cow milk to their babies.

However, the babies ,who are allergic to cow’s milk protein, may also be allergic to soy milk formula. So, Before choosing infant formula milk for your baby, discuss with your pediatrician to avoid the child’s risk.

3) Protein hydrolysate formula-

This type of formula milk is produced for those babies who don’t endure the cow’s milk protein and soy milk based formula. Protein Hydrolysate Formula contains protein that is partially or massively broken down in small sizes- compared to cow milk protein and soy based formula. This formula is recommended to those infants who have milk protein allergy.

Breast Milk vs Formula Milk

Whenever we discuss Breast Milk vs Formula milk many confusions and critical questions come in the mind of parents. New moms are always worried about what milk is better for your baby’s health- Breast milk or formula milk?

Many infant formula milk brands claim that their formula is very close to the mother’s breast milk and provides all the nutrients that breast milk contains.

But,still, mothers must be aware while choosing any formula brand to feed their babies.

According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) :-

Mother’s breast milk is the best supplement for infants and babies should be fed mother’s milk for at least 6 months. It has a perfect balance of nutrients that exactly the baby’s body requires. AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) also recommends breastfeeding for babies at least age of 1.

Breast milk contains essential nutrients and minerals that boost the immune system of babies and helps to promote physical as well as mental growth. Breast milk is more digestible than formula for babies. It has antibodies which protects your child from infections and bacteria’s and also decreases the risk of Diarrhea ,Stomach infection and Inflammation of stomach.

Breast milk is not only beneficial for baby’s health but also for moms’ health. Breastfeeding protects moms from severe diseases and reduces the risk of Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome e.t.c. It is completely free of cost and no need of preparation.

If we talk about Formula milk, it is a processed milk that is generally used as a replacement of human milk to feed babies and basically made by cow’s milk protein. However, Formula has the same nutrition that is found in human milk but this type of milk is not easily digestible by infants as mother’s breast milk. Baby’s body is extremely delicate and it’s not possible for them to absorb a large amount of proteins , vitamins and minerals that is found in formula milk. It causes gas, constipation and an upset stomach in babies.

Finally, the answer of the question –Is formula milk is just as good as breast milk? , is that it’s not equal to breast milk but if your breast is not producing enough milk or the baby is not getting complete nutrition then you can definitely go for it. Even Formula is not equally beneficial to breast milk but still it fulfills nutritional deficiency in the baby’s body.

In addition, formula milk fed babies sleep longer than breastfeed babies, this is because the protein found in formula milk is heavier than breast milk and it takes a long time to digest. Thus , the baby sleeps for a longer time after taking formula rather than mother’s milk.

How much formula does baby need

It’s also a major question: how much formula does a baby need per day ? Actually, there is no magical technique to measure the amount of formula, every child is different and it totally depends upon the age, body, weight and daily solid meals consumed by the baby . Here we are giving you an overall idea that will help you to find what amount is required for your baby-

  • After the few days of birth , the newborn can consume 2 to 3 ounces (60–90 ml) of formula per feeding.
  • After one month, it can be feeded up to 4 ounces per feeding.
  • By 6 months, your baby can absorb 6 to 8 ounces (180-240ml) at every 4 or 5 feeding in 24 hours.

In general, your baby should intake 2 ounce of formula milk per pound of baby’s body weight. The amount also depends upon which formula You are choosing for your baby. Always take hints from your baby’s activity, if they are satisfied don’t feed extra dose to them.

Lactogen Milk Powder

Lactogen Milk powder is considered as best formula milk which is also a substitute of human milk and suitable from birth. It is quite close to breast milk and contains probiotics which improves the digestive system of the baby.

Various Lactogen milk powder is available today’s time. Different questions bother mom’s mind regarding whether Lactogen milk like Lactogen formula is good for babies or not? Which is the best lactogen formula for a baby?

Lactogen 1 (Nestle Lactogen) 400 gr.

Rating – 4.5/5 Price – Rs. 330

nestle lactogen

Nestle Lactogen(lactogen 1) is a dried spray formula powder with probiotics for infants, suitable from birth. It is fed to the baby when they don’t breastfeed. Nestle Lactogen has whey protein that promotes baby’s growth and enhances the immune system to adopt new environments easily.

Preparation of formula milk

Before preparation of formula milk you must wash your hands and feed bottles and utensils. Now, boil water in clean utensil for 5 minutes and leave it until it remains slightly warm. Pour the lukewarm in the feeding bottle and add the lactogen powder in water as per your baby’s requirement. Now mix it and shake it well. The formula is ready to feed the baby. Do not give extra dose as it can disturb their stomach.

Key points

1. Easy to digest

2. Suitable for up to 6 months baby

3. Pack of 400 gr.

4. Contains probiotics and whey protein

Nestle Lactogen 2- 400 gr.

Rating – 4.5/5 Price – Rs.320

Best Formula Milk for Babies | All About Formula Milk

Nestle lactogen 2 is spray dried follow up formula for babies and it can be fed babies after 6 months when they are getting breast milk. Nestle lactogen 2 is prepared to provide the right nutrition to infants.Never use less scoop than given instructions. It contains milk protein, carbohydrate, sugar, fats, minerals and vitamins.

How to prepare

Lactogen 2 is prepared with the same method as Lactogen 1.After preparing this formula feed it to the baby immediately. Do not keep for a long time.

Key points

1. Easy to digest

2. You can feed the baby after 6 months

3. Contains protein, mineral and vitamins.

Nestle Lactogen 3 – 400 gr.

Rating – 4.5/5 Price – Rs. 310

Best Formula Milk for Babies | All About Formula Milk

Nestle lactogen 3 dried infant formula milk is designed for older babies after 12 months when they are not fed breast milk. This formula has milk solids, corn oil,sucrose, soybean oil, soya lecithin, minerals and vitamins which complete the lack of nutrition. This is a completely veg formula.

Key points

1. Easy to digest

2. Suitable to feed the baby after 12 months

3. Prepare only one food at a time

4. Do not feed fewer or excessive amount than direction

Nestle Lactogen 4 – 400 gr.

Rating – 4.6/5 Price – Rs. 300

Best Formula Milk for Babies | All About Formula Milk

Nestle Lactogen 4 formula is a veg product and comes in a dried form. This formula is designed for older babies after 18 months and up to 24 months. Remember, even this is a best substitute for breast milk but still mother’s milk is the best supplement for babies. The formula ingredients are Milk solids, Sucrose, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Maltodextrin.

Key points

1.Suitable to feed the baby after 18 and up to 24 months

2. Full of nutrition’s,Enhance physical and mental growth

3. Do not feed fewer or excessive amount than direction

Nan pro Vs Lactogen


Nan Pro(6-12M)

Nan Pro vs Lactogen– which is a better option for babies? A common but important question ,after all, every mom wishes to select the best food option for her baby. First of all, it’s important to know what is the difference between Nan Pro and Lactogen.

Nan pro is manufactured by Nestle Brand specially made for infants. Nan pro is a spray dried formula with probiotics and used to feed babies instead of breast milk, When infants are not breastfed . It is a combination of different nutritive components such as Whey protein, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, C ,D and E. This milk powder also contains DHA and ARA for mental and physical development of the baby.

While lactogen is plain milk powder for breastfed babies. The nourishing elements- Vitamins, Soybean oil, Corn oil, Milk solids, Demineralized whey and Maltodextrin makes Lactogen milk powder a superb product. It also has probiotics that are very helpful in developing good bacteria’s in order to improve the digestion of your baby.

Which is better Nan Pro and Lactogen

Nan Pro and Lactogen both are superior products of Nestle brand and have an excellent source of essential nutrients. Before going to any product, test the baby’s body type and absorption capability of nutrients of your baby. Sometimes ,using these formula milk might be the cause of an allergic reaction. Thus, We will strongly suggest you to consult the doctor if your baby is facing such an issue.

Every baby has a different body type with different digestion capability. We can’t be decisive about one formula milk to be good or bad. It actually depends on what formula suits your baby.Nonetheless, if we compare both then Nan Pro has a better combination of nutritious elements than Lactogen.

Advantages of Formula Milk

However, breast milk is a natural source of healthy food for infants but no doubt, Formula milk also nourishes babies internally and enhances their growth. The best advantage of formula milk is that moms or any family person can feed it, any time and anywhere. It is beneficial for babies in weight gain and also helpful to maintain the health of infants.

Disadvantages of Formula Milk

At the initial stage of birth,the digestive system of a child is not as strong that sometimes ,they are unable to consume formula milk properly. Some formula milk contains higher amounts of protein and minerals. Infants do not digest easily as it takes more time to digest than breast milk. The main disadvantage of the formula milk is that some babies are allergic to formula milk also. Therefore, take advice to a health advisor in such a situation.


Finally, after analyzing all the facts about formula milk and breast milk, we will suggest you take precautions before feeding any formula milk to your baby. Of course,Breast milk has the right balance of nutrition and every mom should give it the first priority. But , young are not feeding breast milk to your baby for any reason then Formula milk is the best option.

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