6 Best Diaper Rash Cream in India : 2020

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In the modern era, parents often use a diaper to wipe and clean the baby’s internal dirt (pee and potty). After one use, it is discarded by parents as it can start flourishing bacteria. But, when the baby’s bottom stays in contact with the diaper for a long time then it causes irritating, inflamed red spots on the baby’s skin. This is generally known as Diaper Rash. In this post, We are recommending you 6 Best Diaper Rash Cream in India: 2020 to treat Diaper rash.

But, before you get to know about the diaper rash cream, it’s crucial to be familiar with the causes of diaper rashes. Understanding these causes will assist you to prevent diaper dermatitis in babies.

Diaper rash Causes

  • The tightly fit diaper constantly rubs on the baby’s delicate skin so that it harshly affects the diaper covered area.
  • The chemicals and stuff that makes it leak proof and absorbable, locks the air transmission and builds a moist surroundings where fungus can easily develop.
  • The chronic exposure to urine is also one of the most common causes of diaper dermatitis.
  • On top of this, diaper rash from diarrhea is also a sore condition which steps up the irritation of inflamed skin.

6 Best Diaper Rash Cream in India

At the initial stage of life, almost every infant has to encounter the affliction of diaper dermatitis. In this way, the painful situation annoys the babies, that arises due to napkin rash or diaper rash. In the treatment of baby’s butt rash and redness, Nappy Rash Cream plays a crucial role. It forms an impermeable layer to protect the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

So, we are going to illustrate about diaper rash cream which will provide healing and guard to your baby’s bump against redness and inflammation-

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B4 Nappy Cream (75gm)
Life & Pursuits Organic Diaper Rash Cream(50 gm)
3) Cetaphil Baby diaper Cream (70g)
CHICCO Daiper Rash Cream 100g
Softsens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream (50 g)
Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Diaper Rash Cream for babies (50 gm)

1) B4 Nappy Cream (75gm)

Rating – 4.7/5      Price – Rs.200

Diaper rash cream


To cure nappy rash in toddlers is a huge headache for moms. Thus, they always seek the best option to rid the babies of this inconvenient phase. B4 Nappy Cream (75 gm) is a barrier cream formula to heal the baby’s bum rash in the fastest way. It forms a protective layer on the baby’s bottom area to relieve them from diaper rash and irritation.

If we look at its ingredients, B4 Nappy Rash Cream contains Zinc Oxide(15%), Allantoin and Calendula Oil. Zinc oxide frames a thick white layer on the baby’s butt area. This layer doesn’t allow fecal matter to get into contact with the baby’s skin which often causes the rash.

Allantoin and Calendula oil together, soothe the baby’s skin and reduce skin irritation as well.

How to use

First you have to clean the bottom of the baby and then apply a layer of B4 nappy cream all over the butt area.

Key points about cream 

1) It’s a rash preventing cream, not a rash treating cream.

2) Cream ingredients- Zinc oxide, Allantoin and Calendula.

3) You can apply this cream on the front and back nappy area of the baby to prevent the faecal matter and urine from coming into the skin contact. It helps to stop the occurrence of skin irritation redness.

2) Life & Pursuits Organic Diaper Rash Cream(50 gm)

Rating – 4.2/5        Price – Rs. 289

diaper rash cream


Everyone knows that a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and soft. The use of harmful chemicals can hurt your baby’s skin. From this point of view, Life & Pursuit Organic Rash Cream gives a perfect healing therapy to your child. It is formulated with super organic and natural ingredients to cure diaper rash pimples.

A Therapeutic blend of cold-pressed organic oils and ayurvedic herbs maintain the moisture of the baby’s skin. Besides it also relieves dermal irritation of the baby’s bum rash. It is formulated with the essence of real ayurvedic herbs. This cream is completely free from harmful chemicals.

It contains the goodness of various natural ingredients which is-

ZINC OXIDE (Yashad Bhasma) – It is used to heal redness, inflammation and pain due to diaper dermatitis.

NEEM EXTRACT- It protects the baby’s skin from bacteria and softens dermatitis affected areas.

TULSI EXTRACT- The extract of Tulsi improves the quality of the skin and enhances smoothness.

HALDI EXTRACT- As you know that Haldi has natural anti-bacterial properties and healing power which works like medicine to cure redness and inflammation.

MANJISTHA EXTRACT-  the essence of manjistha boosts the healing process of chapped skin.

Key points about Cream

1) This diaper rash cream is a certified organic product by NATURE(Europe). Made with natural ingredients, herbs and safe for your baby.

2) It contains a mixture of cold-pressed and pure natural oils along with medicinal herbs. It encourages the healing process that occurs from a diaper.

3) Free from mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, colors, parabens, BHT/BHA, SLS/SLES, silicons, and other toxins.

4) Suitable for newly born babies, infants, and toddlers.

3) Cetaphil Baby diaper Cream (70g)

Rating – 4.5/5        Price – Rs. 350

baby diaper rash cream


When a baby enters this world, his skin tries to adopt a new environment. As a baby’s skin is super sensitive so that not only parents but dermatologists also trust hypoallergenic products to nourish and moisturize the baby’s skin. Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream is one of the best diaper rash creams to protect babies from chafed skin.

Its non-sticky and non-greasy formula makes the baby’s skin hydrated all the time. Along with this, it repairs the damaged skin of the baby due to napkin rash. Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream Builds a breathable barrier against moisture.

Key points about cream

1) Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream contains- Chamomile flower extract, Sunflower seed oil, Almond oil, Shea butter, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E.

2) It’s a diaper rash treatment cream that reduces the redness and relieves the diaper rash discomfort.

3) Suitable for all types of baby skin.

4) It’s free from Parabens, mineral oil, soap, alcohol, and no animal origin ingredients.

4) CHICCO Daiper Rash Cream 100g

Rating – 4.3/5        price – Rs.204

diaper rash cream


CHICCO Diaper Rash Cream is another one of the great products that is highly effective on the baby bum rash. The surrounding red area of the baby’s bum leaves discomfort in the baby’s day-to-day life. This diaper rash cream repair, soothe, and guards baby’s skin against rash and irritation.

Key points about cream

1) It contains Natural ingredients- Shea butter, glycerine, which promotes healing of chafed and puffed skin.

2) Other than this, it has zinc Oxide, Allantoin, Pro-Vitamin B5 to keep the skin secure and also beneficial in skin repairing.

3) Free from Parabens, mineral oil, Dyes, SLS, SLES, and artificial color.

4) Dermatologically tested product and safe for your baby’s skin.

5) Softsens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream (50 g)

Rating – 4.1/5        Price – Rs.115


Softens Baby Natural Diaper Rash Cream is an effective natural therapy that comes with a blend of 6 natural skin superfoods. These are- Shea butter, Kokum Butter, Jojoba Butter, Almond oil, Aloe vera juice ,Vitamin-E. The ingredients of this diaper rash cream provide not only gentle healing but also keeps the baby’s skin soft and moisturized for a long time.

Its antiseptic properties promote skin healing to reduce inflammation. Softens Baby Diaper Rash Cream creates a safety wall between skin and diaper to avoid skin redness and irritation.

Key points about cream

1) It’s free from Parabens, SLES, Alkalis, and synthetic colors and completely safe for the baby’s skin.

2) Provides quick healing from itching and irritation that occurs from diaper rash.

3) You can use the cream daily on a baby’s skin to rid them of redness.

4) Hypoallergenic product.

5) Enriched with properties of Shea butter, Kokum, Jojoba, sweet almond, Coconut oil, and Aloe-Vera gel.

6) Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Diaper Rash Cream for babies (50 gm)

Rating – 4.1/5        Price – Rs. 247


This diaper rash cream formula enriched with the goodness of Calendula oil and Shea butter that treats the baby’s bum rash mildly. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Diaper rash Cream provides ultimate care to babies with inflamed and reddish skin. This powder pack formula creates a safety layer on a baby’s delicate skin.

The cream works as a healing agent on affected areas and relaxes the baby’s itchy skin. No doubt, it’s a great product to cure diaper rash naturally.

Key points about cream

1) Made from nature suggested ingredients like coconut oil, calendula oil, and Shea butter.

2) It comes with a smooth texture and can easily apply whenever your baby requires.

3) you can also use the cream with each diaper change to avoid skin rashes.

4) Completely free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalate, dyes and artificial fragrance.

Final Words:

However, Diaper rash is a common issue for babies but still, it’s unbearable for them as they are so delicate. Rashes on a baby’s skin may be different, so before going to any diaper rash cream you should recognize the napkin dermatitis. If you have confusion or the baby is facing any critical conditions, then consult the doctor for medication.

Nothing is more painful than to see their babies in this awful stage. In this article, we have explained about the 6 best Diaper rash cream:2020. As it will be effective on both whether the rash is on the baby girl private area or on baby boy private area. Thus, choose the best for your baby, keeping in mind the condition of rashes.

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