Hot Mom Pushchair 2020 : Review

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Hello lovely people, Welcome to my post- Hot Mom Pushchair 2020 : Review. In this post, we will give you a crystal clear idea about Hot Mom Pushchair 2020 and about Its features.This will enlighten you to pick the right pushchair for your toddler for sure.

Why should you invest on Hot Mom Pushchair 2020

Babies can’t take care of their own safety and convenience neither at home nor outside. Parents have to take care of their babies from each and every aspect. Whenever we purchase any product the first thing that we think of- why should we invest on the product or is it worth it to invest on that product ?

Parents invest in a variety of products for baby’s personal care and safety.  when their little one’s enter their life. To invest on Hot Mom Pushchair would be an advantageous decision for you. but how, let’s analyze it.

It’s quite easy-breezy for parents to handle babies while living at home. But during travel or when you think about shopping then carrying your baby in lap all the time can be a herculean task. At such times, Pushchair or a baby Stroller would be a best deal for you as it helps to maintain a balance between your daily routine and baby care.

Baby-carriage is specially designed for your toddler’s comfort in order to protect them from any risk or unease. You can easily lie down your baby in the stroller to give him a sound sleep during travel time. Apart from this, it also lightens your shopping or other small works along with your baby.

So, in this way, investing in baby-buggy would not be a deficit deal, especially for those parents who often travel from one place to another.

Hot Mom Baby Stroller 360 Rotation Function, Travel System Pram (Grey)

Rating – 4.6/5        Price – Rs. 29,999

Hot Mom Pushchair 2020 : Review


From the perspective of baby’s comfort as well as parents, Hot Mom Baby Stroller 360 rotation function is a profitable deal for you. This stroller is suitable for 0-48 months newborn babies which comes in completely reversible form.

Movability and incredible flexibility of this pram travel system heightens your delight in journey with the baby. At the same time, multiple satisfactory features increases its popularity.


Here, we have described the product features that will help you to assure about baby-carriage:-

Baby Stroller with 360 rotation function :

It’s 360 rotation function makes the baby stroller more handy and manageable. With its rotational feature you can softly move the stroller in 360 direction (from 0-90-270-180 degree) .The pushchair attachments can frequently be adjusted in every direction in less effort.

Other than this ,the sturdy frame of the stroller is manufactured of aviation aluminum alloy. So that you can drive the stroller without worrying about safety of your baby or breaking the travel system pram.

About Wheels: 

The back-end wheels are with high quality rubber in a large size to avoid any punctures or explosions during travel. So that your child’s comfort doesn’t hurt.

The front wheels ,with higher quality of Pu rubber(polyurethane), increase the elasticity of rubber wheels. Also it extends the toughness and durability of metal wheels that makes an excellent tread for transportation wheels.

In addition, it’s non-slippy, long- resistant and has a good ability to balance the pushchair on unequal ground to protect your child from trauma.

Pushchair Material :

If we talk in terms of material , the stroller is designed with 100% pure pu leather which means it is long- lasting , durable as well as it doesn’t crack easily. Hot mom Baby Stroller meets all parameters of Sematology Safety Standard that ensures you about its high grade material quality. Besides these, the waterproof feature of the leather prevents it from rotten and deteriorating.

Along with the perfect match of these material features, the appearance of Hot mom Baby Stroller becomes more luxurious and fashionable that heightens your lifestyle to another level.  It’s also easy to clean with just a simple wet wipe.

Stroller Seat :

This baby-carriage is specially suitable for 0- 48 months children with the adjustable seat . It can be tilted in three degrees – 95 ° is used to make a baby sit, 135 and 175 degree is suitable for baby’s rest. Extremely soft seat on baby’s delicate skin , so no worry about any irritation.

Other Features :

In addition to these features,, this Baby stroller has antivirus property and ability to secure the baby from ultraviolet rays. Other than this, a big basket tray and a carry bag is available for storage so that you can put essential things during travel. It also comes with a well dimension-ed, integrated sun canopy and ergonomic seat unit feature.

The most enticing feature of this baby-buggy is its easy fold-able structure which makes it extremely convenient to fold anywhere. On the other hand, because of its adjustable handlebar, parents can easily customize the pushchair height according to their comfort . Therefore, it can be driven by short and tall people easily.

The other mechanism of the pushchair is it’s easy to operate the parking brake and detachable bumper bar. The Integrated wheel suspension, ball bearings, gibed and tightly secure double wheels.

Buying Guidance

After having a baby, parents do every possible thing to make their child happy to see their smiling face. To maintain the comfort zone of the baby, parents must have to be aware before choosing essentials for your baby. In the terms of pushchair, we are providing you simple yet major buying guidance for baby-buggies that will be useful for you at purchase time.

  • Check the leather quality of the pushchair so that it doesn’t irritate the baby body as well as comfort.
  • It can secure your baby from ultraviolet rays and outside bacterial attacks.
  • Pushchair should be easy to operate and moveable in all directions so that you can effortlessly handle the carriage during travel.
  • Easy fold-able mechanism is one of the most important features that you should keep in your mind as it helps you to wrap the  baby buggy when required.
  • Pushchair body is constructed with high grade material as well as the wheels.
  • Wheels are properly combined to avoid any accident as it should be dangerous for you and baby while traveling.

We hope that this post will be informative for you .If you have any query regarding this product please comment below. We will try our best to resolve your queries as soon as possible. Thank You.

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