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Are you curious to know the depth information about Weaning breastfeeding . Here, in this post , you will get to know about weaning breastfeeding, the process of weaning and also high priority weaning foods for your baby to provide them sufficient nutrition and better health as well as appealing weaning accessories also.

What is Weaning ?

Weaning, in general terms, is a process to encourage your baby to start taking other sources of nourishment apart from mother’s breast milk. The other sources of weaning means- It might be Formula Milk from a bottle , fruits and some other soft foodstuffs also. 

But it doesn’t mean that you gradually deprive breastfeeding to your little one’s during the weaning process as it is the best food ever for your baby. According to pediatricians ,you must have to engage your baby for breastfeeding till the age of 6 months from birth and continue breastfeeding for as long as you and your baby feel comfortable with it as it is beneficial for both health, baby and mom.

When moms start thinking about weaning their baby, many confusions arise in their mind as their concern about the little one’s make them think so and it’s important also.The process of weaning is safe natural way to detach babies from breast milk and introduce them with other external food sources.To wean babies off from mother’s breast milk and to introduce them with a new taste of foods , you can try many ready-made weaning foods as well as home made recipes also.

Types of weaning

Have you decided to stop suckling milk and start weaning the baby ! But how? Here , we have explained two types of weaning that will help you to choose one weaning process that suits your baby .Let,s know the details about theses weaning processes-

1) Traditional Weaning-  In a traditional weaning approach, you introduce your baby to a variety of solid foods cautiously along with feeding. We recommend to start weaning with fluid, smooth purees so that they can chew and ingest it effortlessly. Then slowly serve mashed and other solid food items to your babies bit by bit as it also improves their chewing skill. 

The idea to bring up your child to solid foods becomes easier when you serve chopped and grind foods to your baby. Additionally, offering different varieties of food to babies will also help you to understand the taste of your little one.

Pros of Tradition Weaning

  • You can recognize the choices of your baby by doing food tasting.
  • You can keep an eye on your baby depending on how much he has eaten.
  • It’s a less messy method. Other than this, you can also give different taste and flavor to your baby by changing food items so that they don’t get bored.

Cons of Tradition Weaning

  • It’s a time consuming and laborious task to always prepare a separate meal for the baby and to feed them.
  • If we talk in terms of taste ,you may attempt several trials to find out what your baby’s choices are.
  • In the process to detach the baby from suckling beast milk ,you may have to face some clashes between you and your baby because you both are new for this trial.You both may get irritated during the first few trials of feeding.

2) Baby Led Weaning-  The term baby Led weaning(BLW in short term) refers to bringing up a baby in a self dependent mode of being able to eat solid foods by himself. Therefore , the baby gets in touch with spoons and introduces himself with finger foods.

The best way to start Baby Led Weaning is to engage your baby with the family when they are taking their own food. By approaching your babies for this weaning process, you can improve their eating pattern and chewing skills with less effort as they observe the self – feeding ability of their elders.

Pros of Baby Led Weaning

  • After having a taste of a variety of foods, it grows their understanding of choosing the right food for themselves in accordance with their taste.
  • Being able to have food himself also helps in self-development as the baby’s age is growing.
  • Babies get accustomed to the habit of how much food they have to put in their mouth.
  • Babies are inquisitive by nature and always remain keen to explore whenever they see any different and new things no matter what it is.Self feeding develops hand-eye-mouth coordination in babies and they get to know about the use of body parts gradually.

Cons of Baby Led Weaning

  • While taking meals in the mouth, babies spread it all around the mouth and drops it on flour and clothes that makes it messier.
  • Sometimes it can be quite frustrating for parents as the baby has his own pace of self feeding which may take longer, so parents often need to be patient.
  • In the initial phase of weaning, babies are learning the eating process. However, parents have to keep an eye whether they are taking food properly or not.

When Should Start Weaning Process

Weaning breastfeeding and bringing up the child to solid foods is a natural process as the babies grow ,their requirement of nutrients in the body also keeps increasing. In the opinion of experts,a mother must breastfeed her baby till 6 months from birth. After 6 months from birth, you can start the weaning process but it doesn’t apply to every child. 

To wean your baby off from feeding and start the weaning process totally depends on you and your baby’s choice and interest. Some children are comfortable with this process at an early age(just after 6 months), but some take more time to adopt this process(around the age of 1).

If your baby is able to sit without support and also has enough control on his hand, neck and rest of the body then your baby is ready for weaning. Other than this, if your baby shows interest in other forms of food along with suckling breast milk then you can start the weaning.

Note- Do not start weaning before the age of 4 months from birth.

Stages of Weaning 

At the beginning stage when your baby jumps from breast milk to other foodstuffs , It may be tough for the baby to accept new tastes after being disengaged from milk. However, stop suckling milk and start weaning may be a weird experience for your baby. Here is the 3 Stages of Weaning that you should know-

1st stage:- Weaning at 6 months

  • At the first stage, start introducing your baby with sweet vegetables like carrot,peas and sweet potatoes because all babies suckle breast milk from birth and are familiar with its sweetness, so it will be convenient for him to accept the taste of these vegetables.
  • Like this , you can gradually add bitter vegetables little by little per day so that the baby gets habitual of eating bitter vegetables also.
  • Serve your baby thin purees made by delicious fruits like banana, apples, melon e.t.c

2nd stage:- Weaning between 6 to 9 months

  •  As age progresses, the requirement of nutrition’s in the baby’s body also increases and only breast milk is not enough for overall nourishment. Therefore, include these food items in the baby’s diet as a complementary food and these foods are- Cereals(without sugar and salt), pineapple,Broccoli, Red meat, eggs,Salmon,Mushrooms,beans, lentils,yogurt,pasta.
  • At the second stage, the child moves on to the chewing process and starts learning how to move jaws to chew foods properly. So offer your baby smoothies, foods in mashed form and some soft finger foods. 
  • Once they become familiar with this process, give them bigger lumps and tiny soft food pieces for their chewing practice.

3rd stage:- Weaning between 9 to 12 months

  • While shifting from 2nd stage to 3rd stage, the children get used to eating many things and their hunger also increases to a great extent. Therefore, you have to include more varieties of solid foods too . You should also include at least two or three healthier meals and snacks in their diet plan per day.
  • You can offer your baby all types of vegetables(well cooked), chopped or mashed fruits, cooked meat, pasta, eggs and other dairy products.In spite of taking these nutritious foods, the baby should still take 500-600 ml milk every day.
  • In order to make their journey more interesting by introducing new foods, begin to taste them lightly spicy foods at family meal time.

Weaning Food Products

Generally, Weaning Breastfeeding starts when your baby is just about to reach the age of 6 months from his birth. Moms , often, seek out new delicious recipes for the  better experience of their children. But in course of time, moms become engaged in household works and official duties . In this complicated situation, preparing a separate food for baby’s is almost impossible.So, here we have the listed some nutritious Weaning Food Products for your baby-

1. Nisar Ragilicks Supplementary Nutrition for babies

                Rating – 4.1/5          Price – Rs. 270

Weaning Breastfeeding

Nisar Ragilicks supplement is specially made from ragi to make it digestible for babies. Ragilick is also a rich source of minerals, essential amino acids and phytochemicals. It has iron content which maintains the hemoglobin level in the baby’s body and the rich calcium content strengthens the bones .

Ragilicks is formulated under the guidance of expert nutritionists. It’s a native and nurturing , healthy and vegetarian product for babies.

How to prepare

To prepare this supplement, take 1 or 2 tablespoon of ragilick and mix it with one cup of water in a pan. Now cook it for 4-5 minutes on low flame and stir continuously till it transforms in a smooth texture. Finally, let the mixture cool down and then feed to your baby.

Important Points

1) Suitable for babies between 6-8 months.

2) 100% natural, free from chemicals and artificial preservatives.

3) Product Ingredients- Ragi, Gram, Organic Cane Sugar, Cardamom

4) It contains high protein, iron, calcium and various vital amino acids.

5) Made in India

2. Tots and Moms Foods Organic Sprouted Ragi Powder (200g)

 Rating – 4/5         Price – Rs. 215

Weaning Breastfeeding

One of the best Weaning foods for babies with high nutritious values that makes it more healthier not only for babies but also for all ages. Tots and Moms Organic Ragi Powder become absorbed in the body easily and boost the immune system to protect babies from diseases and other infection-al attacks.It’s 100% organic and contains high amounts of Iron, Calcium and Protein.

How to prepare

Mix 1 tablespoon of powder in 100ml of cold water or milk and mix it well. Make sure that there are no lumps remaining in it. Now cook for 5 minutes and add sweetness according to you and your baby’s taste and feed lukewarm.

Important Points

1) Easy to digest
2) free from artificial preservative and harmful chemicals.

3) It’s very helpful in weight gain.

4) Amount of starch is reduced due to sprouting.

5) No added sugar and salt.

3. Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereals With Milk,Wheat Apple- (300 g)

                Rating – 4.4./5           Price – Rs. 246

Weaning Breastfeeding

Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereals is a mixed veg complementary food with the content of  milk and white rice . It has a large source of 17 essential nutritious elements including vitamins and minerals.Nestle cerelac Baby cereals provides 75% of iron to babies daily requirement. When you wean off your baby from milk, it’s important to feed them high energetic food to fulfill all nutrients in their body. So formula milk play an important role during to bring up breast feeding.

How to Prepare

First of all ,boil drinking water for 5 minutes. Allow it to be lukewarm and then pour 75 ml of lukewarm water into a bowl. Now, mix 3 scoop of Nestle Cerelac in water and stir it well. The food is ready to feed the baby.

Important Points

1) It’s an iron fortified cereal with the combined goodness of cereals and milk.

2) suitable for babies after 6 months .

3) Free from artificial color, preservative and flavors.

4) Easy to prepare

To get more information about weaning food must check these weaning books also…..

1. BABY LED WEANING: An Introduction to Starting Solids – Nora Bradley

2. Your Baby’s First 75 Weaning recipes and Diet    –  Priyamvadha Chandramouli

3. Baby Led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food – Gill Rapley

4. Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential Guide to Introducing Solid Foods

5. 50 First Food Recipes for Babies Easy Recipes for Babies between 6 months-1 year – Dr. Hemapriya Netasan

Weaning Accessories for babies

To wean off your baby from milk and getting them familiar with solid food is a new and exciting experience for both , baby and mom. In this order,if you add some cute weaning accessories , it will not only make Weaning process comfortable but also more surprising for your baby. Check these lovely Weaning Accessories for babies-

1. TREXEE Baby 100% Silicone Plate -Feeding Dinner Plates Anti-Fall Tray (Pink)

                    Rating – 5/5         Price – Rs. 599

Weaning Breastfeeding | Process| Foods

TREXEE Baby Plate comes with a charming pink color and lovely design to attract babies and entice them for their food. It’s like a small mat including bowls that will make the baby less messy during self feeding. There are three compartments so that you can serve all nutrients at one time.


1) Made from high quality food grade silicon and free from BPA,BPS,PVC,lead, latex, phthalate.

2) Reliable product for Baby Led weaning and baby self – feeding.

3) Use and cleaning is easy.

4) Safe for babies

2. Fisher-Price Squeezy Silicone Food Feeder (125ml)

                      Rating – 4.1/5         Price – Rs. 287

Weaning Breastfeeding | Process| Foods

Fisher- Price Squeezy Food Feeder is developed as a self- feeding product to ease the task of feeding a baby. The baby gets used to feeding off it much more easily by using the product. By pressurizing the feeder, the baby can control the self feeding and won’t mess up himself. It’s an ideal product for babies and a convenient way to eat them fruit purees, cereals and other mashed foodstuffs.


1) Designed with high quality silicon material.

2) Product Color: Blue

3) Minimum age for using the feeder is 6 months.

4) BPA free

5) Easy to handle for babies in their cute and small hands.

6) Easy to clear

3. Mee Mee Stay Warm Baby Steel Bowl with Suction Base 

                          Rating – 5/5      Price – Rs. 543

Weaning Breastfeeding | Process| Foods

Mee Mee stay warm Baby Steel Bowl is produced specially to serve warm food to toddlers as it relieves mom’s trouble of heating food again and again.It is designed with a unique water chamber that keeps food warm for a long time. In addition, the non-flippy and non- slip base model holds on the plate to prevent the waste.


1) Free from BPA and originated with food grade stainless steel and propylene plastic.

2) hygienic and safe for toddlers.

3) Made in India.

4) Reduce the mom’s trouble of heating foods repeatedly.

5) It’s Silicon suction base clutch the bowl to maintain its place as it is.


Every mom has to go through the phase of weaning to guide her baby about eating patterns with his growing age. This weaning process continues until the baby gets familiar with the taste of new foods.Weaning Breastfeeding is not only about eating manners but also binds the baby with family members. Even though it is sometimes dramatic to break-off the baby from milk and interact with solid food items but it is still very pleasing experience for both.

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